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Terms and Conditions

Connection and use of equipment and software

Access to our Hub is permitted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the service we provide on or via our Hub without notice.

You are responsible for making all necessary arrangements for you to have access to our Hub. You shall ensure that:
  • you have the equipment and software to obtain access to the Hub so that you are able to use the services. For the avoidance of doubt, Veolia shall not have obligations or liability in respect of any defect or failure of the equipment and/or software or access to the system.
  • your equipment and software is used in such a manner as will not adversely affect or corrupt the Hub software or any other software which may be used by Veolia or used in the Hub or any information on the database.
  • your equipment and software is not used to access or retrieve any data which you are not entitled to access.
Veolia may at any time:
  • require you to disconnect the equipment and software or any part or parts thereof from accessing the Hub if in the opinion of Veolia the equipment and software is or has been the cause or contributory factor or is likely to be the cause of failures, interruptions, errors or defects in the Hub.
  • suspend access to the Hub for the purposes of repair, maintenance or support of or changes to the Hub, or if there is or is believed to be, any fault in the Hub or in the delivery of the services.
  • change the specification for the equipment and software or for access to the Hub.

Your obligations

You shall not:
  • use the Hub or permit it to be used in any way that causes the Hub or access to it to be interrupted, damaged or impaired in any way.
  • use or attempt to use or permit the use of any automated software agents (including without limitation, any screen scraper, spider or other web crawler) to access the Hub or to search, copy, monitor, display or obtain links to any part of the Hub.
  • attempt to rectify or permit any person (not authorized by Veolia) to rectify any fault or inaccuracy in the data, system or database.
  • otherwise tamper with or attempt to make any deletions, additions, adjustments or alterations to any of the Hub, services or database.
  • allow access to the Hub and/or use of the services via your equipment and software other than by an authorized person.
  • use the Hub or permit it to be used for any fraudulent or other unlawful purpose or activity, or infringe Veolia‚Äôs copyright or other intellectual property rights or those of any other person.

You will comply with all of your obligations under applicable Data Protection legislation in respect information and data contained in the Hub.

User Id and access to the System

You shall ensure that each authorized person:
  • uses their individual User Id, where this has been allocated to them, and has been properly trained to use the equipment and/or software to obtain access to the Hub
You shall not allow:
  • simultaneous access to the Hub using the same login
  • the transfer or sharing of a User Id and password
  • another person to access the Hub via a User Id of an authorized person who has left you, and/or
  • unauthorized connection to the Veolia Customer Hub
You shall notify Veolia immediately if a User Id, and/or password:
  • becomes known or accessible to an unauthorized person, or
  • is no longer to be used by the person to whom it was allocated.

On becoming aware of any unauthorized use of or access to the Hub or other breach, you shall take reasonable steps to ensure that such use or activity ceases and prevent a recurrence of it.

If a User Id has not been used to gain access to the Hub for a period of one year, Veolia may cancel that User Id without giving prior notice to you.


If you or any authorized person do not comply with these Conditions of Use Veolia may at any time take such action as is necessary including suspending and or cancelling one or more including all the User Ids. Veolia reserves the right to cancel your User Ids at any time if there is reason to suspect use of the Hub for fraudulent or other unlawful purpose or activity.

Veolia may monitor your use of the Hub to verify that you are complying with the requirements of these Conditions of Use and are not accessing and using information inappropriately.

Exclusion and limitation of liability

So far as permitted by law, neither Veolia nor any third party shall be liable for any loss or damage, direct, indirect or consequential, arising from any interruption temporary or otherwise in the availability of the Hub, accessibility of the services or data, loss or damage to equipment and software or non-configuration of data.

Use of information

Veolia may collect information about you and each authorized person and may use and process that information:
  • to ensure that you are using the Hub in an appropriate manner
  • to be used for reporting and statistical purposes, and
  • for any other appropriate purpose
  • Refer to the Privacy policy in the Hub footer for further information regarding GDPR


Veolia reserves the right to change any or all of the Conditions of Use after giving reasonable notice.

These conditions of use apply to your access to Veolia Customer Hub. Any dispute arising will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.